About Pavel Nosikov

I love to travel the world and want to contribute to the best travel planning product on the web!

Short video

The research of online itinerary planners I mentioned.

What I am good at, My strengths

  • Bootstrapping mentality, Focus to profit,
  • Attention to details, analytical thinking,
  • Non-standard approach to problem-solving,
  • Fast learning,
  • Broad experience (as an entrepreneur and as a web product manager).

Experience (past 12 years)

2019: Independent researcher

Made deep research of online itinerary planners, received a reference from Inspirock
and included it (with my reply to it) in the research.

2009 – 2019: Co-founder&CEO at concrete tender system «М350»


What I did to get them

  • At growing market: doubling revenue and profit 3 years in a row (8x overall),
  • At stagnating market: profit growth by 40%-raise of revenue per item, 20%-raise of lead-to-sale ratio,
  • At declining market: further 20%-raise of lead-to-sale ratio, raise of profit-to-revenue ratio by cutting costs,
  • established a company with a business model unique for this market,
  • optimized business processes, created a 65-page manual for personnel,
  • supervised marketing activities (corporate partnerships, SEO, advertising campaigns),
  • The main reason to leave the position

    A desire to solve more actual problems in a more engaging industry (than helping in a search for good ready-to-mix concrete manufacturer mostly just for the sake of earning money).

    2008-2009: Initiator and coordinator at local anti-incineration movement

    • established a local viral campaign (1000 supporters in the first day) in a town with a population of 200 000 citizens before change.org, avaaz.org and roi.ru become known/established,
    • managed online and offline activities, public relations,

    2007-2008: product manager at Photosight.ru (leading Russian online community of professional photographers)

    2007: product manager at Cars.ru (an online car marketplace)

    Education and certificates

    • 2004 – Bachelor degree (Information systems in the economy) in MIET (National Research University of Electronic Technology), Moscow, Russia
    • 2003 – Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC), level Higher.

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