Cracking the Code of Love with Psychologist and EFT Pioneer, Dr. Sue Johnson [The Knowledge Project Ep. #62]

I’ve never thought that there could be something called “the science of love”.

How science can approach that kind of vague subjective things?
And when I imagined what could it be, only nonsense like “you have to tell these things these many times” (reminding me of the pick-up stuff) appeared in my mind.

And yet there is a science-based approach to close relationships (that could be called love) and listening to this 2-hour interview I had numerous insights. Some of them – about how things are actually broken in our world. E.g. that improving communication skills doesn’t work in relationships because in highly emotional situations (i.e. in conflicts in relationships) it is the amygdala that works rather than your rational prefrontal cortex (that would suggest you use one skill or another).
The only flaw I would point out is that science-based conclusions are mixed with experience-based ones (thus you have to distinguish what to trust more and what to trust less).


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