Перелет Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Roma авиакомпанией Iberia

Накатал обратную связь в ответ на просьбу авиакомпании ее выразить, и поскольку больше об этой ситуации я нигде ничего не писал, не говорил и т.п., я решил скопировать полный текст жалобы сюда, для полноты картины, так сказать.
До этой жалобы я отвечал на опрос службы бронирования примерно в таком же тоне и ключе (тоже были свои причины, но то обращение разместить где-либо я не догадался). Если в своем ответе они его процитируют – размещу его тоже.

I am absolutely embarrased with my transfer at Mardid from Santiago to Rome.

The plane departed from Santiago with a delay but I still had chances to get to a plane to Rome.
And what did I experience in Madrid?

1. No preferential disembarkment from the plane for people with short connections (like I had experienced with other airlines and alliances).
2. No information and support from airport staff (people from LAN Airlines who operated the flight from Santiago to Madrid told us that information about people with short connections would be transferred to Madrid and we would receive special assistance – none of it in fact).
3. Strict and harsh securities who treat me not like a person who is in time shortage but a law breaker. They were not bothered that we had just disembarked from a plane and had no ability to bring with us anything against law except what we had bought in duty free shops. They just made us throw away what we had bought because for somewhat reason we had to undergo additional security check (though we were in transfer). Even after we agreed about everything and I threw away my belongings they still were not satisfied.
4. The biggest surprise I got from Iberia representatives. They actually CANCELLED MY REGISTRATION for the flight though I managed to be in time for boarding to Madrid and had a boarding pass for the flight.

From this facts I make a conclusion that Iberia airlines not only didn’t help me to get in time for my connection – they actually make efforts for me to fail transferring in time.

IBERIA BEHAVED ABSOLUTELY UNINTERESTED IN GETTING ME IN TIME according schedule that is the worst attitude from airlines I could imagine myself.

I was absolutely not surprised that my luggage had not come to Rome with me.
Of course, Iberia hadn’t had enough motivation to do everything in time unlike myself.

This was a lesson for me that while I am motivated to get in time to destination and can do everything for it – the Iberia airline easily loses its motivation and I could not rely on it if some problems occur (even avoidable ones).

This discouraged me also because of the fact that I had thought about Iberia plus as one of the best frequent flyer program in the world and chose it for my recent transatlantic trip.
Now I have earned some substantional amount of miles but stay worried about my future flights with Iberia and what I should expect.

In your reply to my issue (if it happens) please do not forget that any words are just words.
I am not interesting in hearing any words.
Everybody can easily say any word (especially in the Internet) without any responsibility for it.
As we say in Russia, you can not put any apologise in the pocket.
It is actions that are really needed.
And you have failed to take them during difficult time.
What kind of actions are you capable of taking?

С момента отправки этого сообщения прошло почти 3 месяца, никаких новостей не было (слава Богу, хоть мили засчитали – хотя, конечно, летать с Иберией с короткими стыковками после этого желание совсем пропало).

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